Cala Luna Restaurant, Fuengirola, Málaga

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Plaza del Pablo Ruiz Picasso, Fuengirola, Málaga, Spain, 29640 Phone (+34) 633 15 65 74

Cala Luna Restaurant presents its brand new MURDER MYSTERY Dinner on Friday 5th June acted by the coast favourite local actors. NOT TO BE MISSED BOOK your table now

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Every Sunday Delicious Roast Dinner. Open from 1.00 p.m. till late, all day long.

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The suspects:

Ken Doll - The computing executive.
With his sharp suit, Ray-bans, latest mobile phone
technology and the BMW badge on his car key fob,
there’s no doubt that Ken is going places.

Martina Nuttyturnover - The sandwich lady. All
pinafore, white hat and smiles, Martina’s sandwich
shop will cheer up your lunchtime.

Pete Compass - The health fanatic. Pete’s body is
a temple on the inside. The outside has to put up
with cardigan and corduroy.

Venus Woolliams - The call centre operative.
Wherever call centre girl Venus goes, she is
dressed in tennis whites and has racquet to hand.

John Macintosh - The training instructor.
John has a quick temper and flash pushbike, with
clothes and helmet to suit.

Serena Woolliams - The Environmental activist.
Serena’s secretarial job takes second place to
saving the planet. Even her clothes are recycled

Wollatonne Tennis Club is a traditional lawn tennis club in the heart of the beautiful English shire counties. It boasts a long tradition of local league success and an enviable veterans’ team – even the club grounds win awards with monotonous regularity. The talismanic Barbie Doll has just made the step from first team to veterans with all her traditional grace, good will and humour, and it was no surprise to anyone when she was made captain of that team. The last thing anyone anticipated was that Barbie would take her own life. However, the shock waves had barely hit home when the horrific announcement was made that Barbie’s suicide was faked to conceal…murder. Universally popular Barbie may have been, but strangely there is no shortage of suspects around the club…

The Menu

To Start With
• Chef’s Refreshing, Summer Gazpacho Soup (v.)
• Spicy Fried Meatballs served with fresh Salad Leaves and spicy sauce

Followed by
• Thai Green Chicken Curry served with Papadum and Fragrance Basmati Rice cooked in coconut milk
• Irish Guinness Beef Stew Served with Colcannon
• Pasta with roasted vegetables and wild mushroom Sauce served with grated Emmental Cheese (v.)

Finished with
• Home Made Chocolate Brownie Cake
• Selection of Fine Cheese and Biscuits

Advanced booking is Essential. (+34) 633 15 65 74, Fuengirola Plaza Picasso 4.

This fantastic Dining Experience, acted by Your favourite local actors, with 3 course Set Dinner, Half a Bottle of Quality House Wine, Appetizer, Fresh Bread & Butter upon your arrival only for €25,00

Arriving from 7.00 pm., Starts at 7.30 pm.

If You need any more information please do not hesitate to contact Us / Sí, necesita mas información , por favor no dude en contactar con nosotros

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